Why Flaqo is Trending on Twitter
Peter Kyeti
1 year ago

Popular online comedian Flaqo is trending on Twitter.

In most cases, when a celebrity is trending on Twitter, it's for the wrong reasons. for the better part of Tuesday morning, Flaqo has been the top trending on the popular social media platform.

Finyod news took a keen interest in establishing the reasons for the same. The comedian is trending following a video he posted mimicking popular rapper Khaligraph Jones. 

in the video, Flaoqo is seen portraying Khaligraph Jones's personality at the gym. Later in the video, the comedian mimics one of the recent songs by the artist titled 'Sifu Bwana' in a funny accent 'shifu bwenr'.

Several celebrities flocked the comedians, Instagram comments section giving diverse opinions about the video posted. 

Here is what some of them said