Two men engage in a knife fight over a woman sending them to their graves
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

During this cold weather season, people have suspended the aspect of one per person sharing. Two men have been reportedly killed each other in a knife fight over a woman.

The two suspects bumped into each other in a club located at Nakuru. The woman was having some drinks with one of her guys when the other met them without having any idea that he could meet him. 

The angry man confronted them jumping allover the man as they engaged in a fight. The two had armed themselves with knives that no one knew why they were in possession of the same.

Upon seeeing that the woman ran for her life as the two men continued their fight leading to one of them dead. The other guy was rushed to the hospital and he is still fighting for his life. 

The lady centred in the incident is still missing as the police are still searching for her.

More to follow....