The red flags that should alert you in a relationship
Delyne Bosibori
9 months ago

At times there are some red flags in a relationship that people see but assume because they feel that it is normal. However, these are some of the red flags that you should take seriously.

Silent treatment

Communication is key in a relationship. Once you start receiving silent treatment from your partner it should be clear to you that your relationship is at a crumble. It is either your partner is tired with you or the attention is being given to someone else.

Ignoring calls

Once your partner starts ignoring your calls then that should communicate something to you. No one is ever busy for you, it all depends with how someone treasures you or how important you are to that person.

Hiding phones

When two people start dating then you guys become one thing. Phones are usually the number one insecurities in most reletionships. The moment your partner starts having insecurity with their phones then probably they might be hiding something.


At times one might get tired with the relationship hence starts to look for reasons to breakup. Once one tells you they want to work on themselves then they are probably tired with the reletionship.