MPs Demand a Ksh. 11.7B Budget Allocation As a Sendoff Package
Hilda Muchiri
7 months ago

Members of Parliament have petitioned the Treasury for an additional Ksh.11.7 billion budget allocation to provide free cars and a gratuity to their employees, among other things.

The legislators want a Ksh 6.67 billion sendoff gift for the outgoing aide and a Ksh 4.2 billion car grant for incoming parliamentarians. This is according to a report presented to parliament by the budget and Appropriation committee this week.

The members of parliament also demand Ksh.373 million for medical insurance plans for those who do not win seats in the August General Election.

The MPs are also demanding an additional Ksh.500 million to supplement their present subsidized mortgage of Ksh.20 million each, according to a story reviewed by Business Daily.

"The Parliamentary Service Commission submitted to the Budget and Appropriation Committee expenditure requirements amounting to Sh65.71 billion.

"This translates to a Sh27.23 billion deviation from the resource ceiling of Sh38.476 billion presented by the National Treasury." Committee chairperson Kanini Kega says in the report.

"The committee observed that the additional requests include one-off expenditures amounting to Sh11.7 billion, which are unavoidable under the current circumstances given the lapsing of the 12th Parliament," he adds.

This means that the 418 legislators eligible for a Ksh.5 million car grant want to increase the benefit to Ksh.10 million per politician.

The MPs' gratuity for employees' allocation, on the other hand, is intended to benefit their assistants, drivers, office secretaries, and county staff once their terms in office expire in August.

MPs who serve two terms in a row are currently entitled to a Sh125,000 monthly pension for the rest of their lives, while those who serve only one term are paid three times their monthly pension payout plus 15% interest.