Fernandes Barasa ODM Candidate leads in Kakamega governor race
4 months ago

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party candidate Fernandes Barasa has opened a narrow lead against Cleophas Malala of Amani National Congress (ANC) party in the Kakamega gubernatorial race according to provisional results from 10 of the 12 constituencies.

By 8am on Tuesday, provisional results put Mr Barasa in the lead with 160,471 votes against Mr Malala’s 132,427 votes.

Likuyani Constituency

The final tally of governor election votes in Likuyani Constituency indicated Fernandes Barasa of ODM had a win with 18,280 votes against his closest challenger and Amani National Congress (ANC) party candidate Cleophas Malala who garnered 9,014 votes.

The constituency's ODM chief agent and MP-elect, Innocent Mugabe, expressed joy as Mr Barasa carried the day in most of the 135 polling stations.

“I’m happy that we managed to beat our rival despite the massive voter bribery reported in some of the polling stations,” he said shortly after the declaration of the results at Kongoni Technical Training Institute.

Mumias East

After he dropped out of the race and failed to deliver the Parliamentary seat to his Kenya Kwanza Alliance coalition, former Mumias East MP Ben Washiali faced yet another setback as ODM party candidate Mr Fernandes Barasa garnered 14, 828 votes against Malala's 9, 107.

Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo only managed 94 votes while Mr Suleiman Sumba got 52 votes as Mr Samuel Omukoko garnered 24 votes, Mr Austin Opitso (6) and Michael Osundwa (80).

There were 24, 191 valid votes translating to a voter turnout stood at 47.83 percent in a constituency that has 50, 568 registered voters

Navakholo Constituency

In Navakholo Constituency, Mr Malala garnered 17, 185 votes against Mr Baraza with 9,967 votes.

Cyrus Jirongo (UDP) got 345 votes, Suleman Sumba (KANU) garnered 126, Samuel Omukoko (Maendeleo Democratic Party) had 77, while Austine Opitso and Michael Osundwa garnered 22 and 53 votes respectively.

From the 132 tallying stations 22, 784 votes managed to cast their votes. The constituency had voter turnout of 43. 23 per cent.

Matungu Constituency

ODM’s Barasa won the gubernatorial contest by garnering 25,077 votes against Mr Malala’s 11,344 Votes.

Cyrus Jirongo of UDP came third with 186 votes.

Sumba Suleiman got 85 votes, Omugogo Samuel got 29 votes, Austin Opitso got 12 votes and Michael Sakwa got 177 votes.

Ikolomani Constituency

Outgoing Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala carried the day in Ikolomani after after garnering 11,402 votes to beat Mr Barasa by 327 votes.

The results announced by Constituency Returning Officer Ms Lenis Wambani Chesoli at Makhokho High School tallying centre saw Mr Malala beat his main challenger who got 11, 075 votes.

The constituency with 56,299 voters registered a turnout of 23,199 voters representing 41 percent.

Mumias West

ODM’s Fernandes Barasa garnered 16, 305 votes to win the gubernatorial race with ANC’s Cleophas Malala coming in second with 6, 750 votes. Cyrus Jirongo was third with 180 votes as Suleiman Sumba got 89 against 340 votes of Michael Osundwa. Other candidates Samuel Omukoko and Austin Opitso got 34 and 4 votes respectively.

The total valid votes in the constituency stood at 23, 702.

Shinyalu Constituency

Cleophas Malala won the governor race with 16, 128 votes as his main challenger, ODM’s Barasa, got 12, 569 votes. Cyrus Jirongo got 600, Suleiman Sumba 98, Samuel Omukoko 51, Austin Opitso 20 and Michael Osundwa 13.

The constituency has a total of 29, 550 valid votes against 76, 978 registered voters representing 38.38 percent a voter turnout.

Butere Constituency

Mr Barasa garnered 19, 390 votes as Mr Malala got 7,846 votes, Cyrus Jirongo got 266, Michael Osundwa 135, Suleiman Sumba 63, Samuel Omukoko 84 and Austin Opitso 7.

Malava Constituency

Cleophas Malala of ANC got an overwhelming lead with 30, 949 votes with ODM’s Fernandes Barasa coming in second with 10, 112 votes. Cyrus Jirongo got 756 votes, Suleiman Sumba 175, Michael Osundwa 103, Samuel Omukoko 92 and Austin Opitso 17.

Khwisero Constituency

Fernandes Barasa of ODM got 15, 320 votes as ANC’s Cleophas Malala garnered 6, 499 votes. Cyrus Jirongo had 360 votes, Suleiman Sumba 62, Samuel Omukoko 156, Michael Osundwa 115 and Austin Opitso 11.

Lugari Constituency

Mr Barasa got 20, 294 votes to see off his main challenger Cleophas Malala (13, 421). Other candidates including Cyrus Jirongo (1, 326), Suleiman Sumba (108), Samuel Omukoko (55), Michael Osundwa (81) and Austin Opitso (11) trailed.