Erick Omondi on why he is relocating to the USA
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

The president of comedy has shared his plans of relocating to the USA. This came after he has been on the lime light lately after his video that he was immitating how sex scenes are exaggerated went viral.

Erick has never kept calm after some of the celebrities commented and others reposted the video that has gotten over 8 million views. Due to this, he has said that he will be shifting to the USA because he feels like Kenya is no longer safe for him as he has gone international. 

In his post he expressed how he will be missing Africa but he will be back. "I will be leaving for the USA tomorrow it's been real AFRICA. I will Miss you but I will be visiting once in a while. The truth is I don't feel safe anymore. Peace. But I promise I will come to perform in Kenya soon." Eric Omondi

However, there might be more reasons why the comedian might be leaving the country. Recently, he shared that he has been receiving threats for joining politics. To this he said that he will be having a tight security because his life is at risk. Following this, he has said that he has some big announcement that will be shaking the country few weeks to come. However, we hope the news will bring peace to the country and make positive changes as he had earlier stated.