Billy Odhiambo attains a Century Mark !!!
Margaret Wesonga
6 months ago

Kenya Rugby Sevens kicked off their  U.S.A Sevens World Series on the wrong foot with 33-14 stumping by Samoa.

The second group stage game against England was  a game good game for the Damian MacGrath coached side but most importantly most rewarding for one Billy Odhiambo.

Willy  Ambaka's spectacular try from the far corner set the match alight.  Few minutes to end of the first half Billy Odhiambo stretched Shujaa's lead with a superb try which sent him to the 100 mark try.

Odhiambo joined the likes of Collins Injera(279), Humphrey Kayange (159) and Willy Ambaka who is at (131) trys.

Kenya Sevens finished in the 6th place at the Los Angeles 7s