Betty Kyallo hints on getting a baby boy through epidural
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

Every woman has a different experience when it comes to delivery. Media personality Betty Kyallo has given her own experience which is stil fresh in her mind seven years down the line. This has made her swear never to go for the natural delivery again. 

According to her, even breathing never eased the pain but instaed made it more painful. "For me, breathing never helped. It was carzy painful for me. You go through the whole process but it is not that easy. That experience is still fresh in my mind," Betty explained.

Adding she said if she ever gets pregnant again then she better goes for an epidural. "Will I do a natural birth again? Definitely no. I'd rather go through the epidural way since that pain by just talking about it, I feel it is still in my mind. It is worse. To all mums out there, I wish you the best, I was a small girl and my bones were still intact."

The mother of one revealed how she experienced postpartum depression after delivey. She added saying it is common among women but depends on the level which it can affect your mind. 

However, it took her days to accept the fact that she is now a mum but at the same time she was still happy.