Ahmednasir Abdulahi: Corrupt Judges are the most hardworking
Albanas Kiswili
5 months ago

Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdulahi has weighed in on the ongoing debate on corruption in the judiciary, noting that “corrupt judges are the most hardworking”.

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday night, Ahmednasir claimed that corrupt judges always handle their cases faster in a bid to take in more cases and make more money.

“if you look at the history of corruption in the judiciary, it is actually the corrupt judges that are the most hardworking. In terms of turnaround, in terms of judgment, in terms of how efficient the court is, the corrupt judges are very efficient, because I think the more decisions they make the more money they make," Nasir said.

“Hard work does not mean that he is doing a good job, hard work means that he has a very efficient system within his court that probably is geared towards something else than what we see on face value,” he said during a panel discussion on NTV’s With All Due Respect (WADR) Show.

According to Ahmednasir, the Judiciary as currently constituted is incapable of reforming itself. He acclaimed Chief Justice Martha Koome lacks a strategy on how to fight corruption.

In his view, the best way forward is for the next government to conduct a lifestyle on judicial officers.

“The next government must reform the Judiciary and address corruption. There should be a lifestyle audit; you hear judges buying things and building properties, where’s this money coming from?” he posed.