3 year old fed with dysentery
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago

Reportedly, two parents have been arrested by police for mistreating a 3 year old step son. The toddler was forced to eat his own dysentery by his step mother.

The young boy seemed to have been undergoing torture under the arms of his parents. He had injuries allover his body from the beating and biting administered from the mother. He also had some injuries in his private parts acquired from the mistreatment.

The health officers that had been administering polio across the country are the ones that reported the issue. They noticed some injuries in the boy's mouth that made it difficult for him to open his mouth. The boy was taken to the hospital for further analysis and treatment.

The neighbor to the family confirmed that she had witnesses the step mother feeding the boy with feaces.

The two parents Faith Wanja and Michael Kamau from Kajiado county were put under police custody.