Zari Hassan: I was ready to have Hamissa Mobeto as the second wife to Diamond
Albanas Kiswili
5 months ago

Baby mama to Tanzanian Artist Diamond Platinum and South African-ugandan based business woman Zari the Boss Lady has revealed for the first time that she was ready for WCB boss to marry a second wife.

Speaking during an interview with Nigerian TV Host Toke Makinwa, Zarinah Hassan alias Zari the Boss Lady, has said that she was ready for her two children's baby daddy Nasibu Abdul Juma, alias Diamond Platnumz, to marry Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto as a second wife.

According to Zari, when cheating allegations between Diamond and Hamisa first emerged, the Jeje hitmaker blatantly denied and even told her that he was not responsible for the pregnancy the Tanzanian model carried.

She revealed that the rumours were finally confirmed true when videos of Diamond's mother going to check on Hamissa in hospital after she had given birth emerged.

Zari, however, said she had no problem having a co-wife given that Diamond is a Muslim who is allowed by his religion to have at most four wives.

According to Zari, she had only one condition for Diamond before he moved in with Hamisa as the second wife.

"I told Diamond that she is a Muslim and as a man, his religion allows him to marry up to four wives. I told him to call a press conference and make things clear for everyone that as a Muslim man she is within the laws of her faith. That is the only demand I Had for him but he chose to keep denying," Zari said.

Hamisa's relationship with Diamond was later confirmed and the two have a son together.

Their affair led to Zari announcing an end to her love relationship with the singer in February 2018.

Zari says they are currently co-parenting and remain good friends for the sake of their two children.

She dismissed claims of her reuniting with Diamond saying they are just friends and they have never had a rumpy-pumpy moment since they ironed out their differences after a bitter divorce.