Why married women need to start cheating on their unfaithful husbands; Princess Shyngle
Albanas Kiswili
2 months ago

Gambian actress and model, Princess Shyngle has dished some words of advice to married on how to get their cheating husband to change for good.

Taking to her social media page, she said that when a woman catches her husband cheating, the best step to take is to cheat as well.

According to the Nollywood screen diva, if women cheat back anytime their husbands cheat on them, the men will start thinking twice before cheating.

She also noted that this retaliatory action on the part of women would make divorce rates to reduce drastically.

”If married women also cheat anytime they catch their husband’s cheating, I promise you married men will start thinking twice before cheating on their wives. The rate of divorce will reduce," Princess Shyngle said.

"My little advice to all married women.. if they cheat also cheat back. They will start behaving
🤣 Dear future hubby I hope you’re reading this..Have a blessed week y’all"