Vera Sidika's delivery expenditure is why you need money
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

The socialite has given a lot of ladies sleepless nights on how she has been spending money during her pregnancy journey. The mother of one has always wanted perfection in all she does and the kind of life she wants. 

Vera shared that all of her daughter's clothes and essentials will be shipped from abroad. She wants to give her baby girl the kind of lifestyle that she feels is best for her. During her baby shower and gender reveal party, she spent over one million to throw herself the party. 

The socialite delivered at the Nairobi hospital. As per the hospital packages of the hospital, it is clear that she spent more than a million shillings to bring her daughter to this world. The rates are as follows;

For Antenatal, Vera probably spent Ksh 60,000.

The Caesarean Section package goes for a ransom Ksh 190,000.

For the north wing - which Vera occupied, the suites are charged per day. The rates are;

Deluxe Suite – Kshs 45,000 per day. Premier Suite – Kshs 65,000 per day. Presidential Suite – Kshs 98,000 per day.

Vera spent one week at the hospital where she had her own private doctor who was nursing her in her private presidential suite. That alone costed her over half a million.

Brown hired a Limo that escorted her baby and wife home on the day they were discharged. This has left many wishing to have such kind of lifestyle.