Vera Sidika says there is no age limit of getting a baby
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

Vera Sidika has been on the headlight for sometime now. This started from the time that she revealed about her pregnancy with Brown Mauzo. Her pregnancy has been a little different from most of the ladies because it happened as she wanted it to.

Unlike other ladies who get surprised, the socialite prepared her own gender reveal party and baby shower. This is because she had a special way that she wanted those events to be. Others thought that she had been pregnant for a long time as she was so lively right from day one to the last. During her delivery day, she went into the theatre with full make up slaying as she had vowed to.

However, according to her, she feels like the process is not painful as she had earlier been told. She had a successful and painless delivery unlike the stories that are told by other women when they deliver.

The mother of one feels like others get pregnant as a source of peer pressure hence they hate on others who have planned pregnancies. She feels like it is high time people sit down and plan on the best time to bring their kids into this world. At a time when they are fully prepared. Her advise to ladies is that, age does not matter when giving birth. People should put to bed when it is the right time to.