Vera Sidika on why you should not share a bed with your new born
Delyne Bosibori
9 months ago

New born babies are the most delicate people when it comes to looking after them. They deserve attention every second of their lives. Vera Sidika seems to be depending on God to look after her new born daughter more than herself.

The mother of one has revealed that she does not sleep with her daughter on the same bed. Do you think its a nice move for her to pull?? This is a new born baby who cannot even turn herself at night. What if milk chokes her and you are dead asleep??

According to her, one can accidently lay a leg on the baby or even suffocate the baby with the hand. Since they cannot react to it, they can easily get harmed hence it's more safer if they have their own crib. 

She has advised new mothers to always find a crib for their babies and have an eye on the all thorugh. It is advisable to share a room but not the bed. If one is not capable of finding a crib for the baby, they should sleep some metres away from the baby as far as possible. This should continue for as long as possible till the kid is old enough to have their own room.