Vera Sidika claps back at a fan who says she regrets being pregnant for Brown Mauzo
Delyne Bosibori
3 weeks ago

Vera Sidika has responded to a fan who claims that she regrets being pregnant for Brown Mauzo. This is something that has left the mother to be all confused because at first they said she was faking about the pregnancy. 

"They have now seen that the pregnancy is real from the videos and not fake as they all wished it was. They have now changed the narrative. Now it's all about me copying a baby mama dance." Vera said after being attacked for doing a baby mama dance. 

On the other hand a Facebook fan attacked her saying that Vera regrets being pregnant for Brown. "Vera angeambiwa achange places na mimba angekubali haraka sana. She regrets getting pregnant for this man. Ni vle tu it is too late sasa amecopy video ya wenyewe," the fan wrote. This is something that has left Vera wondering if it is a crime to do what every other person is doing on Tik Tok.

However, the socialite was well prepared as she clapped back at the fan saying that they are plannig for many more kids together. "The way we are planning for baby number two right afer God blesses us with our baby girl. 3, 4 babies in total for the same man, my husband. Someone wants to call that a regret?? I don't do mistakes but plan my whole life. I think some of you haters are used to having babies by accidents that you do not think that someone can plan and start a family from scratch. Now you keep on wishing other pregnancies were regrets, keep on wishing." Vera replied.