Tragedy! 26-year-old woman poisons her two daughters before committing suicide
Finyod News
4 months ago

Police in Murang'a is investigating an incident where a  26-year-old mother allegedly killed her two daughters before committing suicide.

The woman said to have poisoned her daughters after writing down a five-page suicide blaming domestic struggles for her action.

"The note talks of perennial domestic squabbles being the motivation to poison her two daughters aged two and five years and then taking her life. It is a sad turn of events," Kakuzi Deputy County Commissioner Angela Mutindi said.

The bodies were taken to General Kago mortuary for autopsy and preservation awaiting burial.

Ms. Makau said the woman had been seen in the morning sweeping her compound only to be later found hanging from her roof by relatives who came to check on her.

“Police are investigating the issue. Scene of crime officers has documented the tragedy and taken crucial leads. The husband has since been questioned and a full analytical position will be given," she said.

Area youth leader Mr Kamau Ngoru said the issue manifests the drastic dimensions depression can take.

"It is a sad situation. It is so touching and very heart wrenching. Who will teach our people how to detect danger signs for the depressed and provide help before it is too late?" he posed.

Mr Ngoru said if only sharing problems with confidants was made a national culture, such incidents would be avoided.

“The administrators should be empowered to detect depression cases in their areas of jurisdiction. Their work should not be limited to confirming such deaths and articulating on how investigations will be conducted. They should be in a position to tell us what they are doing to bring such tragedies to an end,” he said.