"This is a fool I got pregnant." Man bashes baby mama in an argument
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

There are many ways of solving conflicts and viloence should never be an option. A man has shocked many by engaging his baby mama in a fight over their child in public as everyone stood to watch.

The lady in question had been blocked by his baby daddy and she has not heard from him for like a week. That is when she decided to visit his work place at a different location away from where they stay. The man has a wines and spirit that he runs but the wife is never allowed near that area.

Yesterday evening the lady decided to go and meet him since she had nothing for the kid. Upon reaching, she found the guy there with another lady whom he claimed is his employee. The lady assumed all that and went on to ask him why he had blocked him on all social in that she cannot reach him.

The man bcame bitter because he was being questioned and according to him, he does not want this lady in his life. The lady got angered and drove the new emmployee out of the wines leading to a heated up argument. What surprised people the most is that they were all over each other fighting as their 2 year old daughter stood there watching.

The man overpowered the lady and asked her toleave and never come back. "Toka uende na usiwahi rudi. Kaa mtoi amekushinda kulea pia unaeza pelekea mamako ama mamangu alee il cater for that. You are just a fool I got pregnant and I regret," he angrily threw her out.