Terence reveals how becoming a father at 21 changed his life
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

Terence has shared how his journey as a father has been a challenge to him big time. The father of one said growing up he never had a chance of growing up with his parents. Especially his father whom he does not know how he looked like. His mother died when he was 9 years of age. 

The content creator was raised by his grandmother who played a role of a dad and mom to him. "Mimi nmelelewa na my grandma kwa sabbau wazazi wangu waliaga nikiwa mdogo bado. As for my dad ata siezi sema vle anakaa juu sikupata time ya kumuona," he said. 

Terence became a dad at the age of 21 years old which was immediately after he finished school. At that time he wondered how he would go by that role because he was clueless. However, that thought of becoming a father made him work more because he now had a family that relied on him. Her grandmother played a big role in guiding him through.

He has also revealed that going home to her daughter gives him the best feeling in the world. However, it also breaks him because he feels like he could have also gotten the chance of running to his dad each evening when getting back home. "Saa zingine huwa natamani pia ningepata hyo chance ya kukimbilia babangu jioni akitoka job," he narrated. 

However, he thanks his wife who has been his pillar in this journey of parenthood. She always guides him in the right way to go by issues as a dad. Therefore, his advise to fathers is that they should always be with their kids and avoid being dead beat dads. This is because he feels like that can later on affect the kid as they grow up without that fatherly figure in their lives.