Seven fake cripples arrested in Mombasa town by county askaris
Albanas Kiswili
1 month ago
The Mombasa County Government Inspectorate (kanjos) has arrested seven beggers and a street family who were dubiously showing fake injuries and impairments to solicit money through sympathy from Public.
In a schocking turn of events, all the children arrested on wheelchairs were all waking up after the arrest.
The culprits who include four from Tanzania; two children and two adults pretending to be disabled, and three more Kenyans including a middle aged woman who had twins aged five months.
According to the Kanjos, the woman is set to be charged with exposing her youngs one to dangers of the Public Road and the advanced weather conditions experienced countrywide.
However, one child who was is truly a disabled young man was released by the officers.
The county askaris have warned members of public against giving money to the pretenders seeking to ransack their pockets in the streets.
"This is to Send a Strong and Humble request to the Citizens of Kenya and Mombasa; apart from considering the Humanity and Religious Beliefs, Kindly dont give Money or Food to People on the Streets!!! It Encourages them to be There!!! Think that instead of helping them, you are Endangering Children and Women to Vices," one of the officers said.
The officers has however requested the generous members of public to rather donate their money and stuffs to the needy members of the society in Coastal General Hospital.
"Instead go to Coast General Hospital or any other and help people with Medicines or with Bills; give to Rotary or Lions Clubs and give them for needy projects. Give Money or Food to designated Homes or Orphanages to keep them there until they are absorbed into the Society via correct channels properly," he added.