Sarah Kabu Opens Up on Her Relationship With Kabu's Daughter
Peter Kyeti
5 months ago

After months of speculations, Sarah Kabu has now opened up about her relationship with her 24-year-old stepdaughter, with whom she had issues a while ago.

In April 2022, Sarah accused her husband Simon Kabu and the 24-year-old of taking her children away without her permission.

Sarah now says that she has not ironed out her issues with the youthful daughter of Simon Kabu, since she has not apologized for her actions.

“I still haven’t received an apology from the girl, there are still other dramas happening. On social media you just see the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot of drama happening in the family but I do not want to discuss them on social media,” she said in a previous interview.

Sarah, who identifies herself as a ‘goat wife says she is still one, and that the storm that rocked her marriage months ago is a bygone.

“That was something that was passing by, even the strongest women that you see if you really want to shake her, touch her children,” Sarah said.

She added that going 10 days without accessing her children was the most difficult thing.

“I was defending my children because I feel children are precious, especially underage children. Nobody should pull such a string because maybe you have some rights, for me, that was the most difficult phase I have ever gone through in my motherhood, I had never imagined that somebody can come, and pick up my kids without my permission.”

Sarah Kabu said that women should endeavor to be able to provide for their children

“As women we need to know that comfort zones are dangerous, rise above the comfort zone and learn to fend for yourself,” Sarah said.