Punguza bhangi nanii! Jalang'o slams Eric Omondi on his 75% local content consumption idea
Albanas Kiswili
5 months ago

Kiss Fm Presenter and Westlands Aspiring Member of Parliament Felix Odiwour alias Jalang'o has advised Eric Omondi to lower his usage of Marijuana alias Bhangi.

Speaking to Kenyan Youtube earlier this week, Jalang'o called out Eric Omondi for deciding to fight the push for 75% local content consumption alone.

Jalang'o said although Eric's idea is great, he will fail since he wants to fight alone. He alleged that the comedian is high on Marijuana.

"If Eric could have wanted this thing to work, he would have called a few people from the industry. Eric has my number, he has Churchill's number and even musicians numbers and other personalities. He could have involved all stakeholders," Jalas said.

"Kamene and I play 80% of Kenyan music on Kiss FM. The problem with my brother Eric is Bhangi, that is where his problems begin," he added.

However,on his side, Eric Omondi had defended himself saying that he has called the so called comedians and musicians numerous times without any valid outcome.

"My brother. We are TIRED of Empty Rhetoric, We are Tired of the Status Quo, We are Tired of MEETINGS and COMMITTEES that Bear no FRUITS, We are Tired of those STUPID CARTELS you are Calling ARTISTS, How many Meetings have Artists had in the Past 8 Years with no RESULTS," Eric said.

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