Popular Artiste Chidinma Quits Secular Music, Says She's Now Minister of Jesus
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago
- Popular Kedike crooner, Chidinma Ekile, has caused much buzz on social media after news that she has left the secular music industry hit social media - Many of her followers congratulated her as some said gospel music has always been a root - There people who believed that no matter the genre she is, she will continue to shine as a musician 
Popular Nigerian musician, Chidinma Ekile, has announced she has left worldly music to become a crusader of Jesus Christ.
Posts on her Instagram handle has "I am a minister of Christ" written all over them. Her profile on the platform now reads: "I am an end-time Soldier. My message is Jesus." It should be noted that the musician has churned out Nigerian hit songs such as Kedike and Yanga.