Njugush explains how he was conned his first salary by fake landlord
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago

Kenyan jester Timothy Kimani alias Njugush has narrated how he was conned his first TV salary in the streets on Nairobi.

The former Hapa Kule news actor has said that he and his wife, Celestine Ndinda decided to relocate and ended up moving to Cabanas where they rented a one bed room house at KSh10,000 per month. As usual when moving in a new house you have to pay for two months and Njugush wasn't an exceptional either.

However, Njugush didn't pay his rent instantly and so he waited till his first pay came through. Unfortunately, his landlord pop up and demanded his payments. Njugush was left with no option other than paying his monthly rent.

"Having not paid rent before, I was naïve and easily trusted the landlord. I was confident knowing that I had covered my monthly rent," Njugush affirmed noting that he had just graduated from university. 

A few weeks later, he found a different landlord who had locked his house, faulting him for not paying the rent. Njugush couldn't account whom he paid the first KSh20,000 since he wasn't issued with a receipt. He had to find other ways of paying for his rent.