Nairobi woman in agony as her younger sister snatches husband of 12 years
Albanas Kiswili
1 month ago
A city woman is crying foul after her younger sister snatched her 12-year-marriage husband in Nairobi.
The woman who lives in Muthaiga has said that the sister who just graduated from a City institution has been living with them during her studies but she never imagined she could snatch her hubby. 
"Unajua home in Kach, so this girl has been living with us akisoma, I trusted her so much and the last thing I ever imagined was she would snatch my hubby," she recalled.
The mother of three has said that she knew of their affair one day when she came back after the funeral and heard loud sounds coming from her master bedroom.
To her disbeliever, she found her husband of twelve years satisfying himself with her young sister who was at that time groaning so much.
Schocked with the incident, she slapped her sister only for her to return the slap. Her Adrenaline went even higher by her husbands sentiments and reactions to the happening of the events .
He boldly told her on her face she had decided to marry her young sister as the second wife. "Imagine Tom told me I was old and nolonger attractive. He told me I should get used to my young sister Vicky being my co-wife, this made me go berserk!"
To make the matter worse, her husband has bought a house for her sister just in the neighbourhood and he even moved in with her and abandoned her with Kids.
The woman now has sought to seek services of a city native doctor known as Wema Kamaliza who is said to have the abilities to fix Marriages and tie cheating partners in bottles.