Mysterious marriage with the Holy spirit
5 months ago

A lady claims to have heard a voice from heaven directing her to get married to the holy spirit. She said that her prayers everyday in the morning led to this revelation. The difficulties she had underwent motivated her to seek God.

Elizabeth said that God appeared to her in her dream and instructed her to leave her husband and marry the holy spirit. She went ahead and explained that she had worked for the world for a long time. It was the time for her to work for God and spread the gospel.

The mother of six said that like any wedding and so was hers done. The bride price was paid. She also said her gown was bought by God. She further explained that God hired all the vehicles and also organized the ceremony held at Chelengaa gardens.

This left the residents in shock by the incident. They attended the ceremony to see Elizabeth being married to the Holy Spirit.

The husband was left wondering. He did not understand what was happening with his wife. He explained that he had tried to ask his wife about the same. She never explained anything but instead moved from the house to the neighbor's.

The wedding ceremony took place at church. The pastor, Albert initiated the wedding and Elizabeth started a new life with her new husband.