My own brother sacked me because I didn't know French
Albanas Kiswili
5 months ago

Alice Achieng shared her story how she moved from losing a 100 million empire to living in an orphanage. She was working at the UN while creating her fortune.

The life of Alice took a U turn when the boss started having interest in her. He invites her into his room during one of their work party. On reaching there he makes suggestive moves that she turns down. She loses her job because she turns down the wants of her boss. As usual you can't fight with a system. She tries to fight to get her job back but she loses the fight.

In a duration of one year she lost her 54 million house and all her investments. Her house was auctioned due to failure of repaying her bank loan. She gets into depression and ends up having suicidal thoughts. Alice thought she had failed as a mother. She had no use in life because she couldn't provide anymore.

A friend takes her to Congo to give her a job. On reaching there tables change as she is mistreated by the same person who was to give her a job. She ends up living in an orphanage. After staying there for sometime she tells the head of the orphanage she wants to go back home. The sister gives her 100 dollars that she uses to get back to the country.

The single mother arrives and having no place to stay she sneaks to her daughter's hostel who by then schooled at USIU. She gets a call from a friend she had made back in Congo for a job. Her daughter organizes for her to get to Congo. There she works for a year. Her contract is later terminated by her own brother because she couldn't speak in French.