My neighbor raped my 4 year old daughter breaking her spinal chord
Delyne Bosibori
2 months ago

A lady is in tears after her daughter was raped to a point that she cannot stand, sit or even walk. The lady by the name Teresia in an interview with Lynn Ngugi fails to understand what she did to go through all that torture. 

She got married at the age of 16 years old in Tanzania. There life was not as she expected because her husband treated her in a hostile manner especially after siring 4 kids for him. It reached to a point when she could not take it anymore hence she decided to move out of the marriage. Going back home life became more hectic as she got into fights with the wives to her brothers. 

After moving to Mombasa, she became married to her second husband who gave her two more kids. The man was nothing different from her first husband. She moved out of the marriage and lived with her kids on her own. Being the only breadwinner, she used to leave her kids alone so as to do some jobs here and there to cater for their needs. 

One day while on her errands, she received a call from her eldest daughter informing her about the defilement of her last born girl. On arrival, she took the kid to the hospital and decided to report th case to the police. The suspect was arrested and presented to court for defilement. However, he was later on released as the witnesses failed to appear in court to confirm the charges. 

After the release, the young girl stopped walking or even supporting herself. Her health became weak and weaker as days went by and even stopped schooling. The prayer for the mother of 6 is that one day her daughter will get justice as she is paying for not spending quality time with her kids. She has also urged anyone willing to support her to start a business that will enable her raise her kids with her presence to do so.