My mum hates me because I look like my dad
Delyne Bosibori
5 months ago

The idea of a mother hating her own child just because he or she resembles someone she hates should not even be a topic of discusion. One because that is your blood and if anything no one chooses whom to look like and where to be born.

A lady has been living in pain and agony for the past 25 years because of the hatred that her mother has towards her. Her parents divorced when she was young. That is when her own mother turned into her greatest enemy. Whenever she does anything, her mother will condemn her referring to her dad. According to her mother, all her daughter does is remind her of her painful past and miserable marriage.

"I never chose  to look like my dad leave alone knowing his whereabouts. Ever since he left I have never set my eyes on him or anyone that can link me to him. My mother has made my life miserable just because I look like my dad. I can no longer even see my siblings because my mum has corrupted their minds about me. All of them think that I am a bad person," she cried.

The victim whose name is with-held for security purposes has even tried committing suicide but has never been successful. She is all she has to herself as she has grown up hatinh herself.