MP strips naked while in parliament
Albanas Kiswili
4 months ago

When elections are done, normally leaders are chosen to represent their people in parliament. At times these leaders may work well while others take advantage of the people and squander government funds

During a debate in Mexico a member of parliament went ahead and stripped naked. According to him the government was not doing as expected. He felt that the people were suffering yet their leaders were living comfortable lives.

He addressed; "You are ashamed to see me naked, but you are not ashamed to see your people in the streets naked, barefooted, desperate, jobless and hungry after you have stolen all their wealth and money."

The MP was so bitter with their government and wanted something to be done for his people. He said that everyone should be responsible of their duties. They should do what they were elected by the citizens to do.

While choosing leaders to represent you, it is good to be careful on who to choose. Choose people with wisdom and not ones with greed of money.