Mnajifanya Hamjui! YY Comedian Shames Kenyan Girls For Ditching Single Local Celebrities For Bill Gates
Delyne Bosibori
1 year ago
It’s obvious that most women flooded Bill Gate’s inbox after learning about the divorce with her ex-wife Melinda. And of course, who wouldn’t shoot their shot at one of the richest guys in the world? Being a global icon, Billy has a variety of women to choose from. Apparently, Kenyan women have not been left behind in the race of trying to win the heart of the richest man.
” Kenyan girls. I’ve just discovered most of you are long sighted. You can see far but can not see close. Bill Gates just divorced the other day. All of you are sliding into his DMs… Oh, I’m the one you’ve been waiting for… And you’re pretending as if Benpol haku divorce juzi. Mnajifanya hamjui. Mejja is single, Willis Raburu ako. In fact amekuwa apo for like 1 year sasa. Mnajifanya. Daddy Owen… Lakini sasa burger mtaweza? Kama ugali ndogo na strong tea mnashindwa. Na ile pesa ako nayo mta handle?… Kenyan girls I’m asking you?