Milly Chebby talks about her beef with Milly Wa Jesus
Delyne Bosibori
10 months ago

Sometime back, the family of Terence and Wa Jesus had some misunderstanding that led to their differences. This led to the two families unfollowing each other on the social media platforms something that created a big alarm. They went ahead to delete the videos that they had shot together.

Like their usual routine was, they used to share dinner alternatively in their houses in like two weeks time. This is something that came to an end immediately they stopped talking to each other.

However, Milly Chebby has cleared the air saying that they are stilll friends and they still talk. It has been two years down the line hence she sees no reason to hold a grudge for that long. She also disclosed that there are projects that they are working on together hence they have no bad blood.

"We have nothing against each other. It has been two years kwani unaeza kua na roho chafu aje kuhold unto beef for this long? We are still friends it's just that we got busy and everyone started focusing on creating their own content. There are even brands that we are working on together. It would be inhuman to hold beef with them for two years. I am their biggest supporter." Milly said in a BTG News interview.