Man arrested for slaughtering mediator in his row with a friend
Albanas Kiswili
10 months ago

A scuffle between two men at Kieni's Barrier market in Nyeri county turned fatal when a third man who had rushed to separate them was stabbed to death.

Thunderstruck marketeers glared in shock at the unexpected horrendous scene, when in a sudden turn of events the peace-loving victim fell with a thud, blood gushing from his neck. Joseph Kagwe Wahome, 26, would in minutes be a murder suspect.

Against the common loggerheads that locals wouldn't be surprised at on a normal market day, yesterday's was different. Kagwe had a kitchen knife tucked in his person, which he brandished and squarely drove into the neck of the victim before he could be restrained.

In their bid to save life, good Samaritans rushed the victim to Nyeri County Teaching and Referral Hospital, only for him to be declared dead on arrival. Further probing by the police established that Kagwe had at first stabbed his opponent in the belly, before turning the killer knife to the deceased.

Luckily, injuries on the first victim were not so serious, as he was treated at a local medical facility and discharged in fair condition. The suspect was cornered and has since been placed behind bars at Narumoru Police Station, being processed for arraignment over the said murder.