Magix Enga blames gin drink for his suicidal post
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago

Prolific Kenyan producer Magix Enga has opened up on the death threat post he had on sunday evening.

The Genge producer on Friday night struck the internet with a cryptic suicidal message on his Instagram account, telling his concerned followers he was going to “die tonight”.

“I am going to die tonight. I am going to miss everyone,” read the post, which has since been deleted.

However, the following day, Magix assured his fans he was alright and revealed his post resulted from drunkenness. The music producer thanked those who reached out to him, adding that he was done with alcohol.

“Heey, I’m not dead. I appreciate having such caring fans and family. I just can’t give up now. I was drunk zikanisho ni weke post ya umbwakni pombe sio supu mimi nimewacha,” he said in another post that has since also been deleted.

He again took to Twitter and posted a picture of a gin bottle and warned his fans against taking alcohol and posting on social media.

“Warning! Delete your social media applications before you drink this alcohol, it comes with a spirit that can type and post anything,” said Magix.