Kisii witches eat a kid's dead body and disposes coffin on the road side
Delyne Bosibori
1 month ago

At times it is seen as an illusion but thus a reality. Witches from Kisii have shocked many after eating a kid's dead body and disposed the coffin at the road side. 

Such stories have been heard over time that these things happen in Kisii but others still think that it is just a story. 

From the sources, it is said that the kid was burried at his home place at Bobasi Gonseri. Later the next day, his kin was surprised to find the coffin dumped by the roadside with no body in it. This hence made them doubt that the body could have been fed by the witches in that area.

According to the Kisii tribe, these people unbury the body that very night it is buried. They then take the body to the river where they wash the body before pertaking in it. They then dispose the coffin somewhere or others go as far as selling the clothes of the deceased and the cofffin.

These has got many people fearing the Kisii tribe especially those from other tribes willing to get married to the Kisii community.

More to follow...