Kenyan MP caught watching porngraphic videos in an International trade Union
Albanas Kiswili
1 month ago

A Kenyan legislator from the Nyanza region who is in his second term was embarrassed during a recent trade unions’ meeting in Geneva.

The MP had been given an opportunity to attend a summit representing the country.

The MP, who sat near the wife of a popular trade unionist, received 12 videos from one of his staunch supporters.

Thinking the matter might require his attention, he opened them.

To his dismay, they were pornographyand with his phone volume at maximum, the videos began playing to the shock of the trade unionist’s wife.

Feeling embarrassed, he struggled to turn off the video before excusing himself to go out and delete them.

According to sources, the MP has vowed to block the sender of the videos.

Cases of porn graphic materials have increased in the recent years something that saw Garissa township Mp Aden Duale launch a motion to make porn illigel in the country.

In his proposals Duale wants it made illegal to possess or publish pornography, in any computer system or data storage device.

Duale also wants the government, through the National Computer and Cybercrimes Coordination Committee, to block access to porn websites by persons within Kenya.

If approved, persons found in possession of pornographic material in their phones or computer devices or publishes the same on the internet — social media platforms — will face a Sh20 million fine or 20 years in jail.


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Duale’s bill seeks to provide that it would be illegal for any person to produce pornography for the purpose of publication through a computer system.

“A person shall not knowingly download pornography, distribute, transmit, disseminate, circulate, deliver, exhibit, lend for gain, exchange, barter, sell or offer for sale, let on hire or offer to let on hire, offer in any way, or make available in any way from a telecommunications apparatus,” the Bill reads in part.