Kenyan artiste protest over the arrest of comedian Eric Omondi
Albanas Kiswili
2 months ago

Comedian Eric Omondi was arrested on Tuesday, November 16, during a protest outside parliament.

The self-claimed King of comedy had managed to gather a number of protestors before the police made the arrest.

"He has been arrested and is currently held at the Central Police Station," Lemuna confirmed.

Omondi had earlier pledged to storm the parliamentary buildings in a move to have the legislators pass a law on Kenyan music.

Omondi had just gathered a handful of protestors at the CBD when uniformed officers ambushed the group, before arresting the comedian.

Chaos ensued after the arrest, with police forced to hurl teargas to disperse the youths who had begun demonstrating against the arrest.

The Irate youths have since proceeded to the Central Police Station to demand his release chanting the slogan "Free Eric Omondi."

The comedian was carrying out the protest as part of a campaign to push the government to consider the interest of Kenyan artists who say that they have been abandoned for years.

Among the grievances that Omondi and his entourage are pushing for is 75 percent airplay in Kenyan media for local content.

On Wednesday, November 10, the comedian declared that he would be storming parliament buildings to express disappointment with the state of the entertainment industry in Kenya, urging all musicians to turn up for the demos.

“Ready to make history!!! 5 Days to go!!! We are storming the parliament on Tuesday at 10am. If you are a Kenyan musician or aspiring musician lets meet in LARGE NUMBERS at PARLIAMENT Building at 10am NEXT TUESDAY. WE MUST FIX IT!!! WE WONT BE ASKING FOR MUCH,” read part of his statement.