Kenya to surrender part of Maritime to Somalia, Says ICJ
Albanas Kiswili
2 weeks ago

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has unanimously ruled that Kenya will have to surrender the disputed maritime boundary to somalia.

The ruling that tookplace in the Hague-based court, the judges found that there was no evidence Somalia submitted to Kenya's use of latitude and longitude to determine maritime borders. 

In its judgment delivered on Tuesday, the court asked both parties to amicably solve the current dispute. Kenya and Somalia have both been claiming 62,000 sq miles (160,000 sq km) in the Indian Ocean thought to be rich in oil and gas in over seven years now.

Further, the ICJ partially agreed that Somalia had a right to the oil-rich region of the disputed area of the Indian Ocean - but sought to strike a balance by allowing them only an extra 20 nautical miles (about 20 kilometres) of the area currently controlled by Kenya. 

The court, in its verdict, adjudged and declared that Kenya, by its conduct in the disputed area, did not violate its international obligations and therefore not responsible under international law to make full reparation to Somalia.

Kenya’s border currently runs horizontally into the Indian Ocean, and that is how Nairobi wants it to stay. But Somalia insists its southern boundary should run south-east as an extension of the land border.