Kamene talks on dating Joe Muchiri
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago

Kamene posted a photo of her with Joe Muchiri on her instagram page. This got people curious on what was going on between the two. This is due to the caption of the photo.

She blamed Jalas for being the cause of the suspense by his comment on the photo.. Jalang'o on the other had defended himself. He told her it was not the first time the two have posted suggestive photos. According to him Kamene and joe were taking too much time to reveal their relationship. He went ahead and counted a number of photos the two have together.

The Kiss FM presenter on the other hand asked her co-host if they were going to count their photos too. She added; " You remember what I told you about friends you choose. I did not choose but I was given. You just want now to come and insinuate to all of my followers that I might be getting married to Joe Muchiri.''

Jalas went on to insist that the two were dating. They even spent a night together during there visit to Nakuru. No matter how hard she tried to defend herself on the same, he seemed to be having valid reasons for his claims.