James Orengo: Chebukati Gave Conflicting Reports On Voter Numbers Used In Presidential Election
6 months ago
Counsel James Orengo has challenged the voter registration figures used to declare President-elect William Ruto the winner of the August General Election.

During the presidential election petition hearing on Wednesday, Orengo raised a mathematical paradox in the way the total number of voters was recorded and announced.

Orengo explained that the electoral commission's chairman, Wafula Chebukati, provided conflicting figures for the number of voters who cast ballots and those who were recorded in the final results.

"On 9th August the first respondent (IEBC) announces that voter turnout was fairly low and was at an average of 52% of the registered number of voters," stated Orengo.

"On 10th August, following the closure of polling, the 2nd respondent (Chebukati) announced that the voter turnout in the General Election was 65.4% equivalent to 14,466,779 voters."

Orengo went on to say that a total shift in the numbers occurred when Chebukati announced the Form 34C results, which revealed a lower voter number of 14,213,037.

Regardless, Orengo stated that the results awarded to each of the four presidential candidates do not add up to the total number of voters who cast ballots.

"Contrary to that, the final voter turnout captured and declared in the final results in Form 34C was 14,213,137 votes which is absurdly lower than earlier anticipated," he argued.

"If you look at the results as announced and what is was in Form 34C as the turnout of voters, if you add the number of voters cast for each candidate, the figure that results is not what was stated but it is 14,213,037."

As a result, he dismissed the 50 percent plus one threshold that saw Ruto win the election, claiming that the figures were based on a faulty calculation.

"I invite the court to calculate the number of votes garnered by each candidate, the numbers do not agree at all," Orengo noted.

"The computation of the figure 50 plus one was based on a wrong computation on the total votes cast as announced by the IEBC chairman."