How a Kenyan man defrauded an NGO KSh4million in tender deals
Finyod News
4 months ago

Man accused of obtaining goods worth over KSh4 Million has been charged before Makadara law courts.

Samuel Juma Osano together with others that were not before court is accused of defrauding using a Community Based Organization known as Vision Mentors Programme goods valued at Ksh 4031000 the property of Eunice Akinyi Indigo.

The goods include Jericans of 20 liters Salit cooking oil,200 bags of 50kg Pishori rice, and 100 bags of 90 yellow beans pretending they were to pay within 21 days.

The incident took place on August 1 and September 20 in Nairobi.

According to the covering report the complainant allegedly supplied the items using different trucks for the goods as per the agreement with the suspects.

“She had been promised to receive her money for the goods supplied within 21 days from the date of supply. However this never happened,” said the report.

The report says following a series of meetings the complainant was allegedly issued with a notification letter of award dated August 10 and later awarded a tender number VPM/CA/08/2021/2022 vide a contract sighed by the parties on August 16, 2021.

The tender in question was for the supply of rice, cooking oil, and yellow beans respectively.

The report said the complainant paid several visits to the alleged office within the Harlinghum area whereby she one day found out the suspects had relocated to an unknown place.

The report said it was at this point that the complainant reported the matter at the Industrial area police station vide OB 47/01/10/2021 following which investigations commenced.

According to the report, the accused have registered the organization to defraud members of the public