House help revenges on kids after being defiled by her boss
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago

A young lady has revealed how she revenged on the kids after being defiled by their father. She was taken from the village to go and work for that family. She was not lucky to proceed and finish her education. This is because she came from a humble background.

Her boss travels to the village to see her family. The husband remains behind with the kids. As she is cleaning one day the husband spanks her and tells her he has an interest in her. Being a 13 year old from the village she does not understand his clear intentions. When the wife comes back she decides to report the incident. The wife prevents her husband and calls Topisca a liar.

After sometime the couple travels home and leaves Topisca with the kids. The husband comes home early than his wife from the village. On that night he raped her and threatened to kick her out of the house if she reported.

She keeps it as a secret to herself but revenged on the kids. She used to forcefully feed them and impact pain on them when giving them a bath. However, after they pathed ways she has realized that what she did was wrong because she is a mother. She is apologetic for her actions