Form three student stabbed to death in Huruma area, Nairobi
Albanas Kiswili
2 weeks ago

A family in Huruma area, Nairobi is mourning the monstrous murder of their school-going son, who was stabbed to death by a friend when he (deceased) demanded for his memory card last night. 

The Form three student at Huruma's Brainiac Secondary School succumbed to two stabs on the head and a third one at his chest, when his assailant who was unwilling to give back the storage device brandished a knife and attacked him.

Members of the public who found the 19-year-old writhing in agonizing pain wholly soaked in blood rushed him to a local hospital, where he gave up his spirit while being treated. Manhunt for the assailant who fled immediately after the heinous act is ongoing.