Family of the serial killer vow not to bury him because they do not want to be cursed
Delyne Bosibori
6 months ago

Masten Wanjala has been disowned by his family following the events that have been happening about his murder case. The serial killer was earlier arrested because of killing and raping young girls. Among the victims he had killed was a child to his close friend. He confessed to have killed more than ten kids in general.

Earlier on last week, he had escaped the police custody with the help of some police officers. However, he did not make it alive as he was found by an angry mob that lynched him. His father talking to the media said, his son was so bright in school and was quiet and disciplined. Therefore, he believes that his son was introduced into a cult because he was doing things that did not march his behavior. "I started taking care of him when he was three years old. He was very clever in school. Fellow learners could attend classes for the whole term but he would go to school the last week and still emerge top," said Nzau. 

Following his demise, the family of the late Wanjala has refused to bury him claiming that they do not want to be cursed. This happened after he was killed by an angry mob. The father said he did not even want to set eyes on his son as he was so mad with him. They are afraid to be referred to as killers by the clan members. “We’re afraid that if we bury him, we, as a clan, might be perceived as killers,” said Wafula.