DCI Identify Mirema Drive Shooter, Warn the Public Against Him
Peter Kyeti
1 month ago

The main suspect behind the daylight murder of Samuel Mugoh Muvota has been identified by The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) as Dennis Karani Gachoki.

In a statement issued in regards to the same, the DCI said that Gachoki is considered armed and dangerous.

Sleuths believe that Gachoki used a firearm that was stolen from an intoxicated officer at a popular joint in Mombasa in November 2020 to ruthlessly execute Muvota along Mirema Drive in Nairobi Roysambu neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

The DCI forensic cyber detectives were able to use Gachoki's phone to triangulate his position to Burnt Forest in Uasin Gishu hours after the murder but the trail went cold with sleuths of the opinion that the suspect successfully fled to a neighboring country.

Gachoki has apparently been on the DCI’s radar for quite some time owing to his alleged involvement in the ‘Pishori’ syndicate but efforts to reel him in have proven unsuccessful.

“Efforts by detectives to arrest him have been futile since the thug who is well loaded, influences rogue cops who tip him off once an operation for his arrest has been launched,” said the DCI in a statement.

“In one occasion, Gachoki’s accomplices’ texted him just minutes before his arrest, throwing a spanner in the works of a meticulous operation that had taken months to put together.”

DCI investigations have revealed that Gachoki and Muvota fell out prior to the former’s death over the sharing of proceeds from the ‘Pishori’ trade and some of the women recruited to drug unsuspecting targets in the syndicate.

“This among other 'beefs' are suspected to have led to a bitter fallout leading to Monday’s daylight murder of Samuel Mugoh Muvota, who has left behind seven grieving widows and countless children,” said the DCI.

Persons with any information that may lead to the arrest of Gachoki have been urged to contact the DCI.