Content Creator Cindy Kipsang Opens Up About Getting Butt Lift
Peter Kyeti
5 months ago

Days after hitting the headlines with her much-publicized breakup with ex-boyfriend, NRG radio presenter Shaq the Yungin, content creator Cindy Kipsang is on it again this time with a different reason.

Cindy Kipsang has opened up about getting her stomach reduced and having a butt lift. The content creator shared her experience of getting her body done, saying it is something that she wanted for herself because there were parts of her body that she did not quite like.

“I went to Luxe Body Spa to get my body done. I got my stomach reduced and I got a butt lift. It was completely non-invasive. It does not hurt my body as it was not surgical at all,” she said.

The social influencer further said she is happy for getting her body done.

“I wanted to do it and it was something I did for me. I saw so many people out there criticizing it but it was for me and it made me happy,”

Cindy also explained why she opted to get a waist reduction procedure and butt lift instead of exercising.

“I did have a small waist before the reduction, but there’s something called Fupa fat that can’t be reduced even when you exercise because many people were asking me why not exercise instead of going for a reduction. You can’t exercise that fat, you have to get it removed,” she said.

“I don’t feel bad about the choice I made, in fact, I feel very happy. People are not really open and honest about the things that they do on the internet and it affects other people. If I were to go somewhere and get a butt lift then come tell people that this is my natural look, some small girl somewhere is going to think that that’s how every girl is and we’re trying to protect their self-esteem,” she explained further.