Comedian Akuku Danger Detained by Nairobi West Hospital Over Pending Bill
Peter Kyeti
9 months ago
Comedian Akuku Danger, born Mannerson Oduor Ochieng has been allegedly detained by Nairobi West Hospital over a pending bill. 

The development was shared by his girlfriend, Sandra Dacha, who took to social media with an appeal for help.

“Itsakukudanger the Comedian has been admitted at Nairobi West Hospital for the past two weeks and has since accrued a bill of Kshs 823,000/= after deductions from his insurance and cash deposits too," Sandra Dacha wrote on Instagram. 

"He got discharged Yesterday but the hospital is Detaining him until he pays the remaining balance. The hospital has refused to accept collateral so that he can organize his finances from outside despite having their collateral from the January bill which has a higher value than the total bill. Anyone willing to help in any way please reach us.”

Akuku Danger was born with sickle cell anemia which has troubled him for quite some time now. 

With sickle cell disease, an inherited group of disorders, red blood cells contort into a sickle shape. 

The cells die early, leaving a shortage of healthy red blood cells, and can block blood flow causing pain. 

Akuku has been on and off hospital in the past half-year.