Cheating girlfriend busted out by her five boyfriends in Meru
Albanas Kiswili
1 month ago

Cheating girlfriend in Meru is still in shock after her five boyfriends decided to terminate their affection with immediate effect.

Caroline Gatwiri is said to have been dating five men at the same time with each believing he is the one.

Unfortunately, the five men got wind that they are dating one lady and so they decided to strike a deal to teach Gatwiri a life lesson.

According to the Daily stateman,  Evans Murume who is one of the boyfriends is said to have carried out an investigation to find out the other men who were siphoning his Keroche juice.


After finding out, he contacted them and they made it on Saturday 9th October where they agreed that each of them will ask Mrs. Gatwiri out on Monday 11th October.

All the five alleged lovers sent Ksh 150 bus transport with directions of meeting points to  Gatwiri.

The lady showed up as was planned and was shocked when she found all her five fiancés waiting.