Arnelisa Muigai Comes After Her Online Critics
Peter Kyeti
5 months ago

After days of netizens tagging the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) on her company’s posts, Anerlisa Muigai has come out to give clarity on the relationship between her company Nero Company Limited and her family business Keroche Breweries over tax compliance.

According to Anerlisa, her company and Keroche Breweries are in no way connected and they both pay taxes separately.

“In the office. We have to work regardless. Nero Company limited is an independent company and has no connection with Keroche so tagging KRA on my posts is a waste of your time. We both pay taxes but separately. Long live Keroche, our mother company,” she said in her Instagram stories.

Keroche Breweries has been on the spot for allegations of tax evasion. Keroche is reported to owe KRA tax arrears amounting to Sh957 million.

This resulted in the closure of the company’s operations in March this year until the arrears have been paid. But after negotiations, the two entities agreed on a formula that Keroche would use in repaying the tax arrears.

The brewer was given up to 24 months to clear the arrears. The authority said the two sides signed an agreement on March 14, 2022, that will require Keroche to honor payments starting in January 2022.