Anerlisa Muigai says she is going to be more selfish revealing why her marriage failed
Albanas Kiswili
1 year ago
Anerlisa Muigai seems to have come to a point of clarity that has allowed her to see that it is time for her to be more selfish with her resources chief of which are her time and money because she feels she gives too much to her partners.

“I want to become a selfish woman” Anerlisa Muigai another failed relationship

Try and read that without laughing. Because her behaviour online is a reflection of herself and trust me when I say that she is nothing if not frugal with how she uses her resources because one of her most valuable assets is her IG page and she barely used for her partner’s benefit. Allow me to jog your memory to a time a few years back when Anerlisa Muigai’s Instagram account was declared to be one of the most valuable accounts in Kenya and East Africa as a post from her was evaluated to be worth three hundred and fifty-two thousand back in 2019.

With all her broken relationships and marriage, Anerlisa Muigai needs therapy

Yet whenever Ben Pol had a new project, she would not really help promote her husband’s work by posting it and when she did, it was done on her stories which meant it would expire in 24 hours. And whenever they had a falling out, she would delete her husband’s pictures off social media. That makes you wonder what she means by her being more and more selfish. She was already selfish to begin with and this was a huge issue with her relationship with Ben Pol. An aspect of this was the fact that she always ran to IG to hint at her frustrations instead of giving their marriage a chance to survive by addressing their issues privately between them.

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Anerlisa Muigi seems to only see value in the amount of money spent. That is why she has gone first to hint that selfishness is in the amount of money someone has or spends with or on you. That is also probably why Ben Pol posted something hinting at this.